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Azog joins the century club!


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Congrads Azog! He hung around the 98/99 level almost as long as the Good King. I was concerned about Azog when he started pulling all his caches for personal reasons, so it's great to see that he's still active.


"An appeaser is one who keeps feeding a crocodile-hoping it will eat him last" -Winston Churchill

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Congratulations Azog. Sorry it wasn't at NJ Easter Egg cache.


Always enjoy reading your logs and enjoyed all your hides too.


Continued good hunting.


Originally posted by The BeeGees:

_Congratulations Azog_

Little did I know when I bumped into you the other day that you had just bagged #100. I enjoyed meeting you and crossing paths with you over the last year or so. Maybe someday we'll find out what our crowbar keys are for.

Happy Easter icon_wink.gif


The BeeGees must have given him a little bad luck for Azog's 100th was the next day at Roaring Trucks.

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Originally posted by Team Ekitt10:


icon_smile.gifHehehe, you'd have to breakout your Tolkien Babblefish for this one. icon_biggrin.gif


I'm sure Azog understands it!


I do icon_smile.gif



Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you be also be like him.

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