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DSWorld Question

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Hi All,


As LSUFan stated in another current thread, I also have been mostly inactive for over a year. I now find myself wandering in new areas of Arizona and would like to slap county by county or an edited PID list (by date or run) map pins on Google Earth.


Can't find this previous feature in the menu drop downs.


Thanks for any help that does not require a smart phone app. kayakbird

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Howdy Kayakbird. Great to see you're back too. I haven't updated to probably the latest version of DSWorld, but the way in 2.10 is to go to stations-published-by state and county-then select the state/county and mark type/stability you wish to see on google earth. Click the NOAA icon at the bottom.


The county will load under "temporary places" on the left hand list of google earth. You can click the + sign beside the county name and then select/deselect vertical or horizontal marks to only show one type or the other if you wish.


I guess, before I stick my foot in my mouth too much, I should download the latest DSWorld version to see if things have changed.


EDIT: Ok I downloaded the recent version to check. It's kind of similar to the above. You go to plot-marks-published- by state and county- then select state/county and mark/stability as well as destroyed and rec marks, then click OK.

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Glad to be back - I've been missing your tag line.


Followed your directions and got to a DSWORLD screen that has "Starting Google Earth" on a bottom line, but no action after 15 minutes with a 2 bar 4G Verizon air-card connection (I think that I got to this point about six moths ago and gave up).


In the mean time, a few mile east of Hope, AZ (from where I had sent the above)I decided to try for one the old fashioned way:

1] Turned on Garmin Etrex Venture

2] Opened Arizona Excel file built several years ago from GSAK.

3] Sorted by La Paz County & Longitude (hoping for more Monel RR Rivets)

4] Looked for an OTM nearby, and went to GSAK for the Data Sheet.

5] Back-tracked just over a mile to the L/L for DV1172

6] Discovered it to be dead centerline of US 60, but no old RR grade in sight.

7] So I took my GPSr, bird-book, binocs & stick for a walk to the west.

8] Crossed a couple of possible road or RR alignments that might be just flash flood channels.

9} Discovered a much wider than normal OHV road about the same time that the tracks were seen.

10] Followed road right to the calls and the Bench Mark.

11] Logged the mark and then discovered that I had typo-ed all the photo labels while composing this!

12] Phinopepla, Cactus Wren and Gambel's Quail for my day bird list.


K 30 1933 L/L ERROR



DSWORLD still not pinning GE. I think that it did take my updated HH2. MEL

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