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Greetings. I am just starting to learn Urwigo and figure I should start simple. I have designed a basic tour of four spots in the city I live. So far I have created the four zones with brief descriptions.

I kept the first zone active and the rest are inactive. I will assume that the cartridge will move to the next stage after moving through the first. I wanted to add a question at each zone for the player to answer. Once answered correct it would unlock the next zone. I have set up a question as an "input" but can't seem to attach it to the zone. I click on zone and look down to "on enter" which I click the "unhandled" part and a box pulls up which states, "on enter" "drag here." When I go to drag the input question it doesnt accept in that box.


As a beginner what steps should I take to learn the program. I figure trial and error but I hit a wall an can't design even basic concepts.

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You need to bring up the on enter of zone as you stated. Then from the top left window you need to drag "input" onto the drag actions here bit you mentioned. Next from the bottom left window you need to expand the inputs (little arrow next to inputs) then you will see a list of the inputs you have made, drag the one you want onto the input action on the main screen.


I am currently recording some videos on Wherigo creation (mainly using Urwigo) that will be on YouTube shortly. There are currently one or two on there that may be of help. Usually the people on this forum are friendly and helpful, also some of the people on the Wherigo UK facebook page are helpful for when you are starting out.

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You need to drag an input box first before you can drag the input in the box.I have added some pictures that shows what I mean.I started urwigo with watching this


Appreciate the pics. Thanks for the help.

I saw most of the link you referenced on Youtube. A bit difficult to hear but he does do a good job walking you through the features. He focused more on a storylne Wherigo with items to pick up, etc.

If more of these type videos are on the way, they will help more people develop Wherigos.

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