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Link for reference:


Hiding a Geocache: Table of Contents


....and just to preempt the predictable comments to follow (from the Guidelines):


The more geocaches that you have found, the better you will understand the various elements that make up a great geocaching experience. This knowledge will be invaluable when you place a hide, and likely make your geocache more enjoyable for the community. We encourage you to find at least twenty geocaches before you choose to hide one.


Good luck!

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Wait 2 months. Let the honeymoon phase pass.


If you're still keen. Plant something that the majority of cachers would enjoy. A swag-size container would please both adults and the children the cache with. Invest in the container. Buy something that is tried and true, and has been proven effective at keeping the contents dry. An authentic Lock & Lock (look for the Lock & Lock symbol on the lid), a Pelican box, an ammo can, a nalgene jar with a gasket. To add some nice touches, use a logbook not a logsheet. Include a couple of pencil/pens inside. Add a few clean, new trinkets that would be interesting to both adults and children. Have a maintenance plan ready. Be ready to address any issues within a month. Keep a watch on your email for logs that mention any issues. And when you get tired of the game or tired of maintaining a cache, pick it up and archive the listing.

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Hide the sort of caches that you like to find (which means finding a few before placing your first hide). Only put out caches that you are proud to call your own. And be prepared to do the necessary maintenance. For example, after a busy weekend away, I got a phone call from a newbie that I had helped introduce to caching, who wondered whether one of my caches had gone missing. As it was a very easy find and he could describe where he was hunting, it did indeed seem as though my cache was missing. So, rather than disappointing other cachers, I had to pop out after dinner to check the site and place a new one.


But on the up side, you can look forward to reading logs from finders. That is great fun and very satisfying.

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