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Geocaching Group in Germany?

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Hi, my family and I have just relocated from the UK to Germany. We are living in Bavaria and will be permanently based in Herzogenaurach.

We are fairly novice cachers but it would be great to meet up with any English speaking cachers in the area. We are Learning the language but it would be great to get a bit of help as we know geocaching can help us discover the area and meet new friends.


If anyone knows the best way to meet fellow cachers in the area please could you help us out.



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Late but still valid: try to find an event in your area, then get in contact with the people there. Most germans speak english, so that shouldn't be a problem.


Here in these forums is a section "Deutschsprachig" for discussions about geocaching in Germany. English is welcome.


There is a large independent german geocaching discussion forum providing regional sub sections, the geoclub. Usually those are fare more frequented than the group in this forum.


Welcome & have fun!

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