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Problem with text alerts truncating

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I had hoped that this problem would be fixed by now, but it hasn't, so perhaps it's not a global problem. But for me at least, when the new style of cache alerts was introduced, my Android phone does not get all the information. On NEW caches, I get the information I need: Subject: New (cache type), name, GC number, and a link to the new cache. But when a cache is temporarily disabled or archived, the text I receive says:


Subject [GEO] Notify: (CO) temporarily di



I have to go into my email to find out which cache was disabled and get the link. Is there a reason for this? Is this happening only on Android devices? Only on certain Android devices? Does anybody know? Is there a fix for it?

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Thank you for that information. I suspect that you've nailed the problem. The solution, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be so easy. I looked up how to format the address for an MMS message on Virgin Mobile. I found two variations: (phone number)@vmpix.com and (phone number)@pixmobl.com. I tried them both, and I did get a verification text. But the spacing is all wrong (lots of empty blank lines) and where it says "There's just one step to validate your email address, click here", there's nothing to click. Those words are not hyperlinked, and there's no link below them either. Just more blank lines. Looks as though I may have to deal with truncated text messages and going to my email to find out what's been disabled, enabled, or archived. :sad:



Change your notifications to use MMS instead of SMS then you'll get the entire message.


For example, if you have Verizon, and use <number>@vtext.com then it's SMS and truncated in length. But if you use <number>@vzwpix.com then it's MMS and unlimited length.

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I changed my Verizon from @vtext to @vzwpix.com and was able to verify my phone notifications. But now, I'm getting raw html code ex: <Subject: [GEO] Notify... (Traditional Cache)><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC" etc, etc.>

I changed back to @vtext and can't verify email address because of truncation. Help???

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