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fake cache?


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ok so I was out for a walk late at night and decided to check on a munzee as it was really windy out on top I saw a metal light witch cover on top of the item so I lifted it off and there was a band aid with what looked like logs so first I thought it was a new cache and it wasn't then I thought maybe it was a munzee and no luck so does any idea what it could have ben there where no geocaching markings or logos

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My 5 year old lifts lamp skirts wherever we go. He has found 2 mystery caches that way. Luckily the harder one had the GC# on top of the log. The other did not and it took a little while to figure out which puzzle it was. Like 4wheelin fool said, if you can read the signatures, you may be able to figure out which puzzle it is.


The munzee thing is a different issue. A few weeks ago, I was looking for a cache where the coords put me in between 3 fir trees. Hanging from 1 tree was a giant laminated munzee. The cache was on the next branch down. I'm not sure I should be thankful or a little peeved.

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