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What a great combo of outdoor activities (SOTA and Geocaching). I've used my Garmin Oregon 300 for both SOTA (Summits on the Air) activations, just general hiking and of course geocaching. My wife gave me the Garmin Oregon 600 for Christmas and I really like it. I've already been out geocaching with it and it has worked wonderfully. I probably won't do any SOTA activations until the spring, but I'm confident it will work as well (actually better) than the 300.


If you are looking for more info on SOTA, check out my blog site http://kd0bik.com/sota/ Due to some health issues it has been over a year since I've done an activation. But hoping to get the time in the spring of 2015 to perform an activation or two. I've really enjoyed this aspect of the amateur radio hobby and even combined it with geocaching on a few summits here in Colorado.




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I picked up a lightly used Garmin Colorado a few years ago. I previously had a 60CSX but wanted one that can load the cache info too. I didn't care for the touchscreen models at the time. Perhaps they have gotten better but I found them tough in sunlight.


As Jerry said, perfect combo of hobbies. I only wish I didn't live in flatland. Only a dozen summits in NJ. :-( Chasers paradise. :-))


If you give us your call, I'll look for you on the air. Good luck!






My DH is a ham. We want to start doing SOTA and geocaching. Any recommendations on GPS for both?


Thanks in advance!

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