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Oregon 650T Mounts?


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Santa was very kind to me this year and found a brand new Oregon 650T under the tree (thank you Paddler Found!!!). Been using a Garmin MAP60CSx for ages and have a nice mount for that on a suction cup stand that mounts on the top of my kayak. Also have a mount to clip it on that is on the handlebars of my mountain bike and my road bike. This uses a cradle that the GPSr mounts in and then that cradle has that odd double bump clip that slides into the mounts that are on my 'yak and bikes :




Now that I have the 650T I was wondering if there is a cradle that the 650T can mount in to that has the same rear slide in clip part that my MAP60 uses so I don't have to start completely over buying all new mounts for my bikes and kayak? Searched around and can't seem to locate anything.



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Looks like the Garmin cart mount would work


The cart mount has holes in the base to screw it to some surface, the one I showed has a suction cup base to adhere to the top deck of the kayak. The main thing I was looking for was a device that the 650T would mount in to and then it would have the same rear-side profile as the old MAP60CSx mount so the base units on my bikes and my kayak would accept the 650T or if I wanted to throw the MAP60CSx back on I could do that, too.


Looking for the rear side like the MAP60CSx clip uses but in a cradle that the Oregon 650T can clip in to. This is the rear of the MAP60CSx mount that I am looking for :




The profile on the left on the back and the front a clip that holds the 650T

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