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.GIF Images do not play

Team Nattehond

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Hi all,


.GIF files no longer play automatically since today.

Only GIFS hosted on geocaching.com does not play, all others do play.


For Example (Both the same picture...):

This image is hosted on Geocaching.com:



This image is hosted on my webserver:



How is this possible?


Team Nattehond!

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The gif's do play, but you have to use the original filename instead of the /thumb/ or /large/ version.


Your URL should therefore be shortened to:


instead of the automaticaly generated (and slightly smaller):



Also automatically generated are the small and thumbnail versions:


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Thanks for the info Kalkendotters,


But I've made this link a year ago and it worked fine till yesterday.

now I have to Change the ''Banner-code'' in my listing and all the people who have added the old banner-code will have a banner that does not play.

I'm not the only one with this ''Problem'' I think.


I Also see this for the first time:

When I go to the following link in my browser:


my browser redirect it to:


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The problem with non working GIF files is caused by changes of the webserver.

Without warning, as usually at Geocaching.com (terrible!!!), they did change it without notice to their members???


Their answer:


Thank you for writing in to us. The problem you're seeing occurred because of a recent change we made to how we store image data. We moved to storing items in the cloud rather than only locally on an internal server. We will be correcting things in the near future to use the old file names, but in the meantime you can fix the image by removing the "_l" from the file names. That "_l" points the browser to the large, r-esized version of the image rather than the original.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


All the best,




Community Manager



Quite nice such a "Community Manager" giving information after trouble happens!!!


Grtz, Zonnetje.

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Without warning, as usual! Yes, indeed! And that is why I never upload my pictures on the geocaching.com servers, NEVER!!! tongue.gif

For GS it's not their concern to inform their clients. They change something and that's that. We have to find out and try to solve the problem afterwards. AS USUAL. signalmad.gif

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