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Teaming up for Exchange Cache: Tokyo and Bakersfield/ Bakersfield and Tokyo


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This is the "forum" you can use to team up with cachers in Tokyo or Bakersfield to find GC51V2A or GC*****. This is only to team up with cachers, you are not to post the location information in this forum. We hope you enjoy these caches.


**This cache is not published yet. I post a notice when this cache starts.**

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Quirky geocacher in Tokyo seeks reliable geocacher in or around Bakersfield to embark on a data exchange together so that we may both accomplish our goal of finding our one true ... geocache. Neither long walks along the beach nor pina coladas are required. In fact, no person-to-person meet is necessary. I work Monday-Friday and live on the very outer edge of Tokyo, so it may take me a few days to take the 2hr one-way train ride into Tokyo to retrieve the coveted numbers; but then again it is the holiday season so what better good reason to go "downtown"? In closing if you think you would like to be my "geocaching partner in crime from half way around the world" please let me know.


And of course, happy holidays to all near and far!



Misty (Traveler on a Whim)

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I´ll be in Tokyo next week for a couple of days and I´ll able to go to the GZ of the sister cache to get the information you need to find this cache.

I´m looking for a partner to team up with me and to provide me the set of numbers to find the Tokyo cache.

I have written to some of you but no answer so far and time is running.

So if you are interested, please contact me directly through my geocaching profile.

Thanks in advance and happy Pi-day

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We are going to Japan and like to cooperate to find this cache, since we love international cooperation caches. We have done several of these with success on both sides (and different countries) and hope this one will be the next one.

We can find the necessary info in Japan on April 2, and it would be really great if someone in/near Bakersfield can find the info before that date.


Please contact us through our profile and let's have fun together!

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Hi Bakersfield,


I'm visiting Tokyo Wednesday/Thursday this week if anyone wants to tag-team.


Hi J27Smith, we would like to team up to find the cache. We will visit the Bakersfield cache in the next few days. Will send you a message to your account.


I'll be headed back to Tokyo on May 18th. I should have time to find the Tokyo side on the 23rd.

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Is Bakersfield not as interesting as Tokyo?


Well since nobody from Bakersfield area replied, we'll keep the info we found in Tokyo today to ourselves. And one day we'll find the cache in Bakersfield instead of the one in Tokyo. The location in Tokyo was not easy to find, but it was a very nice place to visit. So we encourage everybody who wants to go the coordinates but can't find a partner in Bakersfield, to go there anyway, especially around dinner time.

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I see there are no recent posts in this forum! I hope someone from Toyko will see this and will be willing to work together to solve and find these caches.

I have already got the code to trade from Bakersfield, CA.

Now I just need to trade these numbers for the numbers in Tokyo, Japan!

Any takers??? Thank you!

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Hi Carfam99,

I'am in Tokio this week, try to get the Tokio Numbers.

If you haven't reached a cacher in Tokio and you are still interested in this cache please send me a Message to my account.


Carfam99 found the cache back in Octorber. The USA cache is my cache. They could still help you with the number you need from Bakersfield.

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Hello, everyone I have none of the keys but will go to Tokyo next april.

I love these "exchanges caches" already logged some like GE3EGXY Beauvoir /GC3EGT2 Beauvoir or GC5T2RC L'Hermione/GC5T5NQ Vive la France.

So please contact me on my profile to team up.


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