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No, you couldn't show normal videos.


The only thing you could do, is, to change the image of a messagebox or item each second so that it looks like a movie. You could find an example in the Wherigo Testsuite. There you could also download the source code. You can find the examples at Inventory-Show animation-Message or Inventory-Show animation-Item. But be carefull: this things don't work on every player. The Groundspeak iPhone player don't update images while running. But the rest should.

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You might be able to do so in a year or two, provided the Wherigo Foundation has permission to modify Wherigo to that extent. It won't be difficult to rig the player app to show a video The difficulty, for me, is where I'm going to store and stream it.


If you want to show a video NOW, why not show a URL within a message box and tell the person to put it into his/her smartphone's browser? If the video is a private one on YouTube, it should still play that way.

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