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Compass Rose 2010 - Graciosa

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The current value is what a buyer and a seller agree to in exchange for it. Currently on Ebay there is a seller offering similar coins at, what I consider, outrageous prices. Someone is clearly paying them so to a degree one can value them that high. On the other hand it may take a while for a buyer to come along to pay that much so compromises are made for a more timely sale. What those compromises are depend on what the seller needs and what the buyer is willing to give. Not all sellers have the same needs and not all buyers can give as much as others. No Kelly Blue Book on geocoins I'm afraid.

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The Compass Rose 2010 Graciosa is the limited Edition of the Compass Roses 2010. There are around 180 pieces of this coins minted. If its activated price is between 40 € - 50 € and for an unactivated coin i think 80 - 90 € would be a fair price.


A few month ago a person has listed that coin 5 times again (unactivated) in ebay. Startprice was 222,22 € this coin was never sold.


The Yemon Yime XLE42 Pieces minted has a value between 150€ - 220€.


I hope that helps you a little bit.


Have a nice evening


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