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Hiding a cache

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I tested it as Scrabblers suggested and found that if it is placed right side up that it did not leak when held submerged for 3 minutes. When it is lid side down however it leaks within 5 seconds.


So in other words, it would be fine from the time you hide it to the time it gets found. As much as we don't want to admit it, some geocachers aren't the brightes, and won't put it back where it was, how it was.

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I have a similar but larger version of this container which has been in service for almost 4 years and the contents remain in pristine condition.


The hide is sheltered from the direct effects of rain but it also seems to escape any condensation, despite being at ground level.


To be honest I too expected the container to be less than ideal, given the lack of a sealing gasket and also that the closure isn't especially tight - so I've been very pleasantly surprised :)

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Found another photo online:




I've found these used as caches and they unfortunately are not water tight. No gasket. Best to invest in an authentic Lock & Lock - about $3 for that size. Look for the Lock & Lock logo on the container




Whaaa...?! I thought they stopped making Lock n Locks years ago?? That's so awesome if they didn't or they are back. Wahoooo!

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