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And how long does it take for you to recieve an appeal answer?

You should get an automated response via email very soon after filling in the Contact form.

If you did NOT get that, then try filling in the form again.

If you did get that, then wait a bit. It could well go beyond 3 days. Summer is a busy time for staff, and they just released Virtual Rewards, which I expect occupied the same staffers.  Things could be a bit slow now.


Request Received y


Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ with your appeal. We will do our best to get back to you within 3 business days in an effort to resolve your appeal.

Please note: Geocaching HQ rarely makes an exception to the geocaching guidelines or overturns a decision of the local volunteer reviewers..........

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On 12/17/2014 at 4:21 AM, JASTA 11 said:

We are 0 for 3 in the appeals game.


Without going into details, my take is that Groundspeak will go out of it's way to not overrule a reviewer.


After all, why would they risk losing an unpaid volunteer who's efforts help the company earn profits? :unsure:

Or the fact that the Reviewer is probably right, and doesn't want to bend the rules to make a Cacher happy. This reminds of working retail and when you tell a customer, "Sorry, lady. I can't return this ratty, stinky handbag that you've had in the trunk of your car for last two years." Then she throws a fit and wants to speak to a manager. 

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On 12/20/2014 at 11:22 AM, 4wheelin_fool said:


I find it unusual that a reviewer would take it personally enough to quit, and have no idea why such a decision could affect them to that extent. Everyone makes mistakes, and if they don't believe that they do, they certainly should not be a reviewer. Likely the cache owner has much more vested time and energy in it than they do.

Because it's a volunteer based employment and feeling unsupported at "work" drives one to want to quit. 

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