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Sorry - Meant to say "8", Not "6"


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Hi all.


To complete my alphanumeric list, I need a cache placed by a Cacher Name starting with the number "8". I mistakenly said "6" in an earlier post. I live in the Toledo, Ohio, area. Does anyone know of a cache within 100 miles of Toledo that I can get to fill out my challenge? Thanks for your help.



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... starting with the number "8". I mistakenly said "6." ...



Happens all of the time -- especially with coords on new caches! :laughing:


That said, doesn't the search function allow that? Searching by name or part of a name? I may take a look also.


Edit: I found this one quickly (Indiana).


Seems the search only allows for one factor. What about a query - specifying multiple factors?

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I helped you in your first thread about cache owners beginning with "6."


How do you get your cache information? Do you use pocket queries and GSAK? If so, download pocket queries for the 50 mile radius around Toledo. Load the results in GSAK and click on the owner column to sort them, or run a filter based on owner.


(Hint: in Ohio, there is one qualifying cache within that 50 mile radius. I didn't check Michigan.)

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