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Dunkin Donuts

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After having fallen into limbo, the Dunkin Donuts category is now active again!


Enrollment is now open for new members.


I have updated the description and posting requirements. The major change is requiring a minimum of TWO PHOTOS. I have also added a handful of variables that I think are useful but not burdensome for this type of category. I've also asked that waymark names follow a standard format and include a street name in cases where there is more than one Dunkin Donuts in a town or city.


There are now over 11,000 Dunkin Donuts outlets in 33 countries. 900 of those are in Korea! Dunkins opened its first store in Los Angeles County this year, and plans to expand by 1,000 stores in the next year. There are major expansion plans for other places such as Texas. Of course here in New England one is never more than a few minutes from a Dunkies! There is at least one place where there are two across the street from each other. We run on Dunkins!

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