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Two caches with the same name

Gill & Tony

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Warden Head is a small promontory near my house which has a nice bush walk, a lighthouse and a lookout. There has been a cache at the end of the bush walk for some time. It is called "Warden Head". I found it sometime ago and completely forgot the name.


I recently submitted a cache at the lighthouse/lookout, calling it "Warden Head" and it has been approved. Yesterday I was looking at the profile of a player who had found my cache and thought he had logged the find twice. He had actually found both caches.


So, should I change my cache to Warden Head Lighthouse to avoid confusion, or would that cause more issues than it solves?


Advice would be appreciated.





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Caches with the same name are not uncommon. It is the GC code number that makes them unique.

Certainly. There are many names that have been used multiple times all over the world, like "End of the Road".


However, caches with the same name are not generally very close together. In any given region, names are usually unique. On a single promontory, I'd definitely expect names to be unique. I'd find it very confusing to find "Warden Head", then tell my GPSr to navigate to the next closest and see it display the name "Warden Head".

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Delorme GPS units sort the geocache by name only. If two caches are loaded with the same name then the second one over writes the first.

This is the best reason to change the name. Also if a group of geocache start out with the same name info, but have long names (too long)

Then an overwrite situation can happen. However if they are loaded by pocket query then that don't happen. Just when using send to GPS

causes the over write. So please change the name a bit.

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I adopted an old cache called Big Green Monster. About 1 mile away someone listed another Big Green Monster, which is really paltry in comparison. Which he had not done so because its very close and every time I speak of it, I have to caveat, no no, not the one on the side of the highway where you have to park almost in someone's yard, the older one in the park.

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