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Locationless Cache - Richmond, Virginia


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Hi there,


I'm setting up a locationless cache which needs a photo to be taken in or on the outskirts of Richmond. If you can help can you e-mail me through my profile or leave a note here and I'll contact you.


We'll discuss your reward when we talk! icon_smile.gif


Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.

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Of course you have read the guidelines for submitting a cache first, so you know geocaching.com isn't accepting any new locationless caches right now. This is just something you are posting to a different geocaching site?


Tae-Kwon-Leap is not a path to a door, but a road leading forever towards the horizon.

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The guidelines state that the moratorium is only in place until the new site comes online, expected anytime now, (April/May). I'm just putting this in place and doing the "groundwork" now so all is ready for when they are acceptable again.


Finding your caches - Losing my marbles.


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