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problem with logging a Cache and a TB - the log is not shown


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Hello and sorry for my english :-)


I have a problem with logging a Cache and a TB.

I logged a cache yesterday (krawinkel at Darmstadt, Germany | GC2YDZP) and dropped the TB (HQ Family 1 | TB6NB2A).

After this, I don't have the TB anymore and it is at the Krawinkel Cache.


So far so good .... but ....


But my log is not at the Krawinkel cache and also not at the HQ Family 1 TB.

If I go to the map of the TB, I see the last jump with the number [1], but also no log.

I wrote a note this morning and hoped that the log comes up ... but no success :-(


The log at the cache isn't important, because I was there a lot of times.

I only wanted drop the TP there.


Do you understand my problem?

Have anyone a idea whats happend or what i did wrong?


//If this is a topic which was answered a lot of times - sorry I didn't found it//

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1. The OP properly used the public reference number for the Travel Bug, beginning with "TB", so there is no need for a warning about the logging code.


2. I am seeing the travel bug in the OP's cache as described. It's in the inventory, and there's a drop log from October 1st that mentions dropping the TB. The TB page also reflects the drop log. So, I'm not sure what the issue is.

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The code is the reference number - my english is bad, but I'm not crazy :-)


Ahhhhh the App (or I) used the wrong date and the post is actual the first posting:

"2014-10-01 - Masukajofra placed it in Krawinkel"


Sorry - I searched for everything, but not at the old posts.


Thanks for your help!!!!

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