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The "Forgotten" benchmarks (?)

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Where ever I go I look for BMs. Some are in the Data Base, some are not. Some are seen on some version of the USGS topo map. Anyone else out there who (also) needs a 12-step for their BM hunting obsession?


Recently I visited WildCat Mountain in Orange County, NY and found "Crusher", I think. Since it's not in the Data Base (USGS)I did not have a description, but if it is a simple drill hole in the outcropping bedrock, then score! I know someone else has recently recovered it as the hole was cleaned out and the foliose moss cleared away. I put a small rock cairn over the hole to keep it from getting covered up. A triple blazed oak tree (now decapitated) was nearby (approx 17'away).


I have found similar drill holes that match up to topo map Triangular Sta. on Stahahe and Tuxedo Rock.




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Step 1 would be to read the pinned items above and become clear on the differences between USGS (map makers) and USC&GS (now NGS) marks. Which ones of both these Federal agency's and many state, local and private marks are in the Geocache game data base. Also what is a generic BM, a true Bench Mark and a Triangulation Station (ignore Intersections).


Have Fun, MEL

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