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New geocoin! The Christmas Card


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As these are now in production I thought I would let you know about my Christmas coin.

I wanted to bring something from my childhood and hopefully yours as well. Christmas in England ment Christmas cards and my Grandmother always had hers hanging around the house, most of them being traditional Victorian scenes. Another tradition that I grew up with was writing a letter to Father Christmas and getting it to the postbox before the postman came. This was the idea behind this coin a traditional Christmas card with many memories attached


Name: The Christmas Card

Size: 60mm x 45.7mm

Trackable on Geocaching.com

Custom icon.

There will be 3 versions:

RE Antique Silver: 150

LE Antique Gold: 100

AE Antique Bronze: 50


Each will come with it's own box and will have the design as the official icon embossed on the lid in gold foil. In the photo you see the box and the stamp will replace the other design.


I am hoping to have them by the end of November - first week of December hopefully giving enough time to get to everyone before Christmas. The AE version will only be available in sets and will not be sold on their own. If you would like one of these coins or the full set please let me know as I am now taking reservations so I can ship out as soon as I have them.




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