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Wrong Unlock Code?


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I didn't see anything about this issue here in the Getting Started forum, and thought other Wherigo newbies might benefit from what I learned.


If you're entering the unlock code that you received after completing a Wherigo cartridge, and no matter how carefully you copy it and double-check it, you keep getting the message:




Then count the number of characters in your unlock code.


Valid Wherigo unlock codes are 15 characters long. If you received an unlock code that was 16 characters long, then enter only the first 15 characters when you unlock the cartridge on the Wherigo site.


For example, if you received the 16-character unlock code

"GQABCDEFGHIJKLMN", then enter the 15-character unlock code


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11 hours ago, SSIMacdonad said:

I continue to get the wrong unlock code message despite having a 15-character unlock code delivered to me on the Wherigo app.  Please help.


  1. Double-check that you're entering the right code, truncated to fifteen characters. Look for things like 1s and Is that might be getting mistyped.
  2. Double-check that you're logged in to the same account that was used to download the cartridge. Unlock codes are unique to your user.
  3. Double-check that you're actually logged into the website. It can be buggy sometimes. Log out and log in again.
  4. If all else fails, wait three days and then try again. No one (*) at HQ is working on the site and it just breaks from time to time.


PS. There is no need to "unlock" a Wherigo cartridge, they're not relevant anymore.

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