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How to Find Lab Caches


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I received a link from a friend to do a series of lab caches located at Ferry Beach State Park in Maine. We did the caches yesterday and they were great. When I when to the lab cache page, this series was not listed there, but there were listing for Mega events and such. Where can we see a complete listing of available lab caches. I have not been able to find this on geocaching.com. I am glad my friend sent me the link otherwise I would never have known that these caches existed. The only other Lab caches that I have done was for the Berkshire Mega event in July.Question: Is therea complete listing of all available lab caches and where can we find it. Thanks.

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Sometimes they are not advertised on the labs page. I found some at a college campus, an outdoor Expo and some other places that were not tied to a mega and were not on the main labs page. Sometimes they can be sponsored by a business or education/nature place and only be advertised by those who know. Keep a look out in your local forums too.


So, not sure there will ever be an official complete listing at a given moment.

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