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Best moment about/when caching


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Yesterday, four of my friends surprised me and said they all had created geocaching accounts. They had found out about It from me telling my caching excursions. I didn't think they were that interested In it. And then they asked me if all of us wanted to go caching together tomorrow. I felt so proud. They were actually following the guidelines! That was my best moment about geocaching

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So far, it was when a local public works department used there front-loader to help us get a cache GC388N0 :anibad:


Wow Great story and photos.


We have had many great moments. Here is one of the latest




When we got to Tower Rd, we spotted a car with a TB tag in the back window, so we stopped and chatted with petitcache and wbbill. They had plans to get The Maxine's Mountain cache and invited us to go with them. That cache is on everyone's wish list so we were pleased to get the invite.


We had to first cross a brook but we had not brought boots with us so there was a sharing of boots and the throwing of boots back across the brook.


Apparently this is called Round hill. It is more of a mountain than a hill.


The climb was a bushwack up a steep mountain, pulling ourselves slowly up the hill by grabbing all the small trees and branches that we could reach. It was quite the strenuous climb. After nearly an hour we finally ended up at the top completely exhausted and out of breath.


The descent was tiring and hard on the legs as we tried to avoid slipping in the soft ground. The GPS track showed a drunken winding ascent and descent. The bushwack up and down that mountain took over 2 hours .


Once back to the brook we had to do the boot exchange again, throwing boots and shoes across the water. MA & PA were last to cross. When we got our boots on, we decided to throw our shoes across. PA threw his shoes across the wide brook (20 feet wide) without problems. He then threw MA's shoes across one at a time but somehow he tossed the second one high in the air and it landed in the fast brook and headed downstream. Boy did PA ever run quickly through the water to grab the speeding shoe. Luckily the shoe was waterproof and no water got into it as it floated away,


We then headed to a trail for a 5 km hike for a cache


Thanks for the adventure.



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