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... find trackables in caches

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I'm living in a tiny country with lots of cache but rather low cache visit counts. I'm always a bit worried about dropping a trackable into a cache as it might not get found in a year or so. For that reason I wonder if there's a way to find out in which caches are trackables within the whole country. If there's a way to figure this out, we could set up a trackable rescue squat :ph34r: well.. keep an eye on trackables that we dropped off somewhere. Any idea for this? Project-gc doesn't seem to have that functionality and we're not using GSAK.



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You can run a pocket query for your country, selecting "have travel bugs" as one of the search conditions. Even if you don't use GSAK, you can preview the pocket query on the search results page and review each cache listing that you might be interested in.


Note that there will be many "false positives" -- cache pages that have a trackable in the inventory, but there is no trackable in the cache container -- because trackable owners often do not mark their trackables "missing" when reported as not being in the cache.

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