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Sharing Wherigo cartridges with other players

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I'm in the final stages of setting up the Wi-Fi for the Halloween Mega and it has been suggest that we could host the two local Cartridges on our website.


Having looked at the Wherigo I've just downloaded from the site it seems to have my name baked into the top of the file, does this mean it will only play for me? If it will work for others will the completion codes fail when (if) they try and unlock?


Would it be a bad idea to share the file this way?

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You're correct in believing the completion code will fail. If people want to mark the cartridge as complete, they'll have to use your user name and the completion code together on the form (option #3, I believe).


The cartridge will play just fine. If you as the author are doing anything with the user name, such as showing a message "Hello, <user>, welcome to the cartridge," it'll just show your name.


The official iPhone player app can only load cartridges from the Wherigo.com web site (or else through a data folder using iTuenes, I guess). WhereYouGo (Android) users will be able to download the cartridge from anywhere, provided it gets put in the right folder on the device. You can load Garmin units at the event, but since those aren't Wi-Fi capable, you'll need a computer for that. I'm not sure about the prebuild WF.Player app for the Windows phone as I don't have that hardware.


As for the geocache listing, don't forget most reviewers will require the cartridge be hosted on Wherigo.com if there's a geocache component to it.


Happy Halloween! Finally, a holiday when people won't slap me for sneaking up behind and scaring them!

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i see Ranger Fox answered while i was typing.


I don't see the point in hosting on your site?

It must be hosted on Wherigo.com and the Geocaching.com listing must have a link to the cart there.


I still have to visit a site to download, so why is better from your site than from Wherigo.com?

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I still have to visit a site to download, so why is better from your site than from Wherigo.com?


Because it will be somewhere with no/poor Internet access. I believe GPX files for new caches will be hosted on a local server and downloadable via a wifi connection. It makes sense to be able to offer the two Wherigo cartridges for download in a similar manor



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And that's fine to do since you'll have the listings on geocaching.com and Wherigo.com available before, during, or after the event. Just remember those with an iPhone might have difficulty loading the cartridge. I'd suggest you do some testing before the event (or at least publish the cartridge a day or two in advance). The Android and Garmin devices should be fine.

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