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imoutnabout's idea !


for those who might not have heard, I asked imoutnabout to marry me at the closing ceremonies of the Midwest geobash this year. she said yes in front of the entire audience of about 2500(?) geocachers and muggles, so there's no backing out now.




our plan is to host a wedding/geocaching event next year, and we're looking for suggestions for a time and place.


post your suggestions (1 entry per day.) Cointest to end 8PM sunday october 26. 1 random entry will be chosen to win the "Will You Marry Me" geocoin !






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Congratulations drneal and imoutnabout. What wonderful news! I am so excited for both of you and think a wedding and Geocaching event would be so cool. (drneal, what a wonderful proposal and one very fitting for you!) I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to "chime in" and wish both of you a most wonderful and happy life together! I hope you will be at GW in MD and I will get to meet imoutnabout. I forgot to add-what an awesome Geocoin! I wasn't even sure that's what it was. Very fitting!

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Neal And Laura, I think you both should have a outdoor wedding for sure and dress the dogs all up in suits, not sure if you both have any female dogs but have girls dog and boy dogs being grooms men and bridesmaids. in a nice park close to home and invite all of your friends and family. This sounds like the most perfect wedding. Since you both love dogs. Why not include your entire family and your fur babies. Wishing you both the most wonderful engagement and Hope to be able to attend the wedding. Wishing you both many years of love and happiness for the remainder of your lives together. Keep On Caching! ~Valarie and Barry of sweetlife

P.S. How about a July 11th Wedding, I was going to say the 4th but not alot of dogs like fireworks. This would be the weekend of my Birthday and I could not imagine doing anything much more nicer to spend the weekend with you both.

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Congratulations, again, to the both of you. I am so happy for you! I agree with Valarie that a dog-themed wedding would be so cool. Pick a day that's special to you two. How about the anniversary of the day you met (July 2nd, maybe?). I feel so fortunate and blessed to have been gifted one of your coins - thank you again!

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How much money do you want to spend? Go to Ethiopia and marry in a small church with orthodox liturgist singing, travel the country afterwards. Yes, I'm overdoing things a bit :) Best travel time very early in 2015 or from mid October, then the weather should be great. All the best for you.

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In Dubois PA there is a bridge that crosses Sandy Lick Creek where you both can meet by entering from different directions with your furry family (dressed to the nines), as the minister, justice of the peace, Rabbi (your choice or all of them) is waiting to perform the ceremony. As for the geocaching event it's a Flash Mob at the bridge, you have to keep the ceremony to 15mins. of course.

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