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Could I set up an Earthcache which realates to paranormal activities in a particular location?

What would be the geology or earth science lesson in that?

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Link for reference:


Creating an Earthcache


I didn't see paranormal in the list of acceptable sciences on that page, but anythings possible. For instance, discussing various native culture legends and beliefs might be an interesting introduction to the required geology based content of the Listing. Nothing wrong with comparing old world observations to explain a natural phenomenon to a modern scientific approach, as long as it's geology based.

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I'm curious to know what the connection would be and how one could validate the connection? Hey... it might be worth shot.

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I dont think that would work. That is fuzzy science at best and not geology related.


From the Help Center


EarthCaches focus on the solid earth and the processes that shape it.




Geological materials - Rocks, minerals, fossils, sands, soils, etc.

Geological processes - erosion, weathering, deposition, volcanic activity, glacial action, etc.

Geological land form evolution - glacial valleys, reverse topography due to rock properties, waterfalls with geological explanations, use of geological materials - building stones, etc.

Geological phenomena (not included above) - impact craters, geysers, mineral springs, etc.

Tools used by geologists - index fossils, rocks, historical geology sites.


Not Acceptable:


Biology, Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Atmospheric observations, Oceanographic observations, Geodesy (unless specifically linked to the location), Archeology, History (unless it has a geological theme), a building (unless it has a geological lesson), Engineering (unless it has a geological theme).


Please note that the lists provided here are a guide and are not all-inclusive. Your EarthCache reviewer will address any concerns about a suitable choice of topic, location or lesson.

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If this is your definition of paranormal (from wikipedia):

"Paranormal events are phenomena described in popular culture, folklore and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation"

Then it would have very little to no chance of being published as an EarthCache, as it would most likely not meet guidelines #1 and #2 (involving science, and education): http://community.geosociety.org/EarthCache/guidelines

By definition, paranormal events do not fall within the realm of science, and therefore are not appropriate within the framework of a science education program.

Best wishes, and happy caching,

Matt, GSA

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Perhaps you could do one on soil composition and take a paranormal approach to the questions.


Take, for example, our earthcache, Bama Series: Alabama's State Soil.


If you wanted to do a similar cache based on a soil series local to you, perhaps you could frame the questions along the macabre.


So, for ours, rather than asking:


2. How many layers of the Bama Series can you see here?

3. What is the thickness of the layers you see? (Estimate if you don't have a ruler.)


You could ask:


Assume a zombie was buried at the bottom of the lowest layer you can see.

2. How many layers of the Bama Series would he or she have to claw through?

3. If the zombie digs at 2 inches per minute, how long would it take them to claw through each layer?

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