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Geocaching Short Film


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Hi all.


Every year, my fellow cinematographer friend Orane, her twin sister Melisande and myself make a birthday video for each other. Each year, these videos get progressively better, and for 2014, I've hidden 7 individual geocaches that all reside within a 1.5 hour radius of my home town of Traralgon, where these two girls are coming to stay in the summer to locate this hidden birthday message.


It's taken 10 months of planning, 6 of filming and a little over a week of editing to create this piece of work which I'd love for all you non-muggles to see, as you're one of the few communities who understand the nature of the game.


If there are any Australians/Victorian's in the forums, i'd love for you to locate these caches and add to their birthday message before they arrive in January 2015. (The caches are currently being reviewed but should be live in the next couple of days)


Watch the video here



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Hi Andy. Watched the Video. Its great. Hope the trackable makes it to France.


Thanks speakers corner! The plan is she takes it back to France when she comes in December, and then in 5 years we travel to wherever it ends up :-).


Very nice! The cinematagraphy and the music were perfect together.


Would love to experience those beautiful places,,, hopefully we'll be able to one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

You should definitely try. They are stunning!


Nice. You should enter it in next year's GIFF (Geocaching International Film Festival), sponsored by Groundspeak.


Oh my I didn't even realise there was such a thing! Thanks for the heads up! I'll research it tonight!!

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That is an outstanding video. I loved it, even though you may have stolen from me what I thought were my bragging rights to the first geocache "find" video made from a drone (ahem, multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle). I didn't recognize your quadrotor. What make/model is it? It looks like you have a gimbal and FPV. I have neither, just a Phantom 1 and SJ1000 camera, about as cheap a set-up as possible for making aerial videos. I like that the aerial footage was minimal. It shouldn't be (and wasn't) the focus of the story. Here's my video below. It can't compete with yours, but then, it's not a competition. I actually didn't want to make this one at first, but the CO has done me some huge favors and she asked me to make the video. I ended up having a lot of fun making it.


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