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I have a couple of things about the US POWER SQUADRON


  • Did they stop looking for benchmarks in 2005? In our area they had been pretty regular until that year and none since then?
  • I'm curious about some of their finds. Given it's been nine years since these finds and things change, but I'm aware of changes made before 2005 that would have destroyed marks or made them inaccessible, yet they find them. There are several examples but a couple of situations that come to mind are highways that were widened. The description would put the marks along these roads under the extended pavement yet they're reported found. Is this some kind of error or what does mean? In one case a mark was reported in good condition and they stated it was a foot deep under a restaurant's shell covered parking lot. If they had dug around to find it the owner would've been very unhappy -- I certainly wasn't going to, especially since its location was scaled.

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Ah. Hmm... They were a group who tried to assist NGS. I think they got points. Some were very good. Some were over-enthusiastic. Rather like geocachers. Many finds should be taken with a grain of salt. "Drove by the building with the benchmark on the roof." "Found church steeple." (Wrong church steeple. That church was torn down in 1955.) (Be happy that mostly benchmarking geocachers log here to the NGS. Though I've seen a few bad finds there too. Nope. That's a reset...)

They tried hard, but do not count on all of their logs being accurate. (Hmm... Could say the same about NJGS...)

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Cooperative Charting - One of the major civic services of USPS members is Cooperative Charting. This is the contribution of correction data for nautical and aeronautical charts; reports on marine facilities and condition; and status of geodetic survey marks (bench marks) to the National Oceanic Service (NOS). USPS contributes the largest number of chart corrections to NOAA and NOS. They also receive data from the US Navy, US Coast Guard Auxiliary and Civil Air Patrol.


Members who do not have boats can participate in this program by reporting on geodetic survey markers that are used in surveying and map reading. They can also turn in reports on marina facilities which change frequently and require regular updating.

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Members . . . can participate in this program by reporting on geodetic survey markers that are used in surveying and map reading.

That seems to mean they're still reporting on benchmarks. Which is it? They still do it or they don't.

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