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Hot Air Balloon Launch Sites

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This past weekend we were fortunate to be present when two hot-air balloons were set up and launched from within Letchworth State Park in New York State. The launch occurred in the center of grassy lawn / picnic area in a very-popular part of the park, with many onlookers present. Kids (and adults) were able to stand beside the balloons while they were being set up. It was very cool. I took a lot of photos and assumed there would be a Waymarking category for hot-air balloon launch sites, but now I see the only category is for hot-air balloon festivals.


It seems to me like this would be a worthwhile category. I can’t say for sure if it duplicates any other category, but I do know that it’s not easy to find launch site information online. This is where local knowledge and/or experience of visitors can be used to create a permanent and accessible record. And to me this is the value of Waymarking. We were told by a local to be at that spot by 5pm to see the balloons, so at least in this case the launch was pretty predictable. We lucked out to hear about the balloon launch, otherwise we could have easily missed it. Had it been listed on Waymarking, I would have known when and where since I usually check over the waymarks in a park before I go.


What do you think? I know there are hot-air balloon ride companies in many places, but do they tend to launch from a few accessible locations? The company that launched the balloons in Letchworth SP apparently only launches there, but I wonder how many other companies launch from multiple sites (although each site can be waymarked, as long as they are used on a somewhat regular basis and not just one-time). A bigger issue in my mind is launching from private sites. Yes they could be waymarked, but what’s the point?


Looking forward to hearing from others. Thanks.

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We all ready have Hot Air Balloon Festivals.

The main difference I see is that the current category can only contain waymarks "officially organized Hot Air or Gas Ballooning events".

The problem I see is that these "non-sanctioned" lift offs might never be repeatable sites. You might be able to target companies that launch balloons but that might be considered a "commercial" waymark.

It is an interesting idea, but I don't believe it would make it in PR.

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