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Worker's Monuments/Memorial

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Greetings all!


As an Officer of Occupational Monuments, I probably decline 1-2 Waymarks a month that are memorials to workers who, often, were killed during the execution of their craft. Occupational Monuments requires a 3D sculpture of the occupation; the category is for a monument, not a memorial. Since the worker's memorials are not dedicated to one person, it does not fit in Citizen Memorials. And because the memorial is often honoring the sacrifices of the workers over a long period of time, instead of just one specific event, it does not fit in Disaster Memorials.


The other problem with Occupational Monuments is that a 3D sculpture is required. Again, I decline 1-4 Waymarks a month that have the occupation inscribed (etched) on the monument or there is only text about the occupation - no illustration. Again, there really is no category for this type of monument.


Any thoughts or guidance?


Take care, Outspoken1

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I'll admit that I've run afoul of the legislation at "Citizen Memorials" in the past, but a literal interpretation of the guidelines leads us to believe that it DOES NOT allow such memorials:


"Essentially any form of memorial that honours an individual or a group of individuals that are remembered for any reason. However, this category has exceptions are noted below.


Not allowed waymarks



• Occupational memorials.




The upshot being that the Citizen Memorials group assumes that these would ALL be acceptable in "Worker's Monuments", many of which are not. Hence we do, indeed, seem to have a gap here.


Great idea for a new and needed category!


A caveat is that either or both of the present categories could be modified. It's not as though doing so would set a precedent.

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