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Garmin Topo AU&NZ v5 Lite on Etrex 20

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Garmin Topo AU&NZ v5 Lite on Etrex 20




Topo AUS & NZ v4 (August 2012): gmapsupp.img size = 2,979,264 KB and contour lines each 10 m.

Topo AUS & NZ v5 Lite (August 2014): gmapsupp.img size = 1,430,176 KB and contour lines each 40 m.


Half the size of v4 and no road routing so makes for quicker map redraws.




gmapsupp.img, length 1464500224
Header:   	15.08.2014 09:10:55, DSKIMG, XOR 00, V 5.00, Ms 0, 006-D5380-00
Mapset:   	TOPO Australia & New Zealand v5 Lite
fat:		1000h - 1200h - 78000h, block 32768
maps:		468, sub-files 934
Sub-file         fat     length
00003551 MDR   1200h   4826791
00003551 SRT   1400h       981
I0000DDF TYP   1600h      5241
date 14.08.2014 08:59:21, CP 1252, PID 1, FID 3551
I11BD9DA GMP   1800h   3266748
map 11bd9da (18602458)
PID 1, FID 3551, region 0,0
date 14.08.2014 16:16:00
priority 20, parameters 1 4 9 33, locked



Can't see all that much difference between v4 and v5 except for file size...


Has anyone got a take on this Lite version and will there be a Pro version later with routing?



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Does it cost less than version 4 did?


Yes, about $100 AUD less...


TOPO Australia & New Zealand v5 Lite


Part Number: 010-C1119-00

$99.00 AUD


TOPO Australia & New Zealand v4


Part Number: 010-C1049-00

$199.00 AUD




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