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New Oregon 6** Firmware Update - v4.20


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FYI to you Oregon 6*0 guys: Firmware Version 4.20 just came out. It seems to be a minor one. Changes from version 4.10 to 4.20:


- Improved cartography support

- Improved boot time when a large amount of BirdsEye satellite imagery is present


It would be nice if there were some improvements hidden in there to reduce the occasional freeze-ups and improve accuracy. We'll see.

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After a few days of normal behavior running 4.2, my 600t no longer acquires a signal when using GPS+GLONASS. I have to select GPS only for the unit to acquire a signal again.

I have a 650. It's been running 4.2 since it was made available. It's been set to GPS+GLONASS since soon after I purchased it more than a year ago. I've never seen that sort of problem, and I'm not seeing it now.


Maybe it makes a difference what part of the world you're in; I'm in Ohio, USA.



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