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Organize Finds by Who Hid Them

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Is there a way to arrange my geocache finds by who hid them?


I am working on a puzzle cache where I have to find five caches hidden by the same user. I know I have found some, but I wanted to know if there is a search feature that lets me organize my geocache finds by who hid them instead of having to click on the link to each cache.

I tried going to the users profile and clicking on their hides, but they have hundreds of hides and they aren't arranged by which ones are closest to me. That would make it a little easier. Also, I clicked on their "Map This Location", but it just showed my location with all my finds.



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Go to the bottom oh the search for caches page and you can serve buy nmw


Yes, I've done that. When it shows all the caches that person has hidden, I would like the ones that I have found to be displayed on the first page. You can click on the "Favorites" icon, and that will pull up all the favorited caches from the highest to the lowest. What I'm looking for is for the caches that I have found that have been hidden by that person to be displayed on the first page (so I don't have to slog through 30 pages to look for the smileys).

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