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If you misplace your GPS but it still has a fix -


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I lost my "GPS" last night - actually, my iPad. Thought I had a pretty good idea of where I left it, backtracked but couldn't find it.


As I was closer to public library than home, I dropped in and logged onto one of their computers. Went to iCloud/find page and ... nothing.


A head scratcher - gone missing less than an hour before, nearly full battery, cellular data on. No ping meant it was either turned it off or broken. Not good. Regardless, I remotely set it into "lost" mode - to make it beep and display my phone number if anyone turned it back on.


This morning I got an email from iCloud saying it was found, with an approximate location. And minutes later my desk phone rang; I made arrangements with the finder to pick it up later today. Asked for her address and the "approximate" location iCloud reported was exactly right. Not bad for an indoor fix with WiFi off.


As for why it didn't ping last night? She said she didn't know what the thing was and thinks she turned it off accidentally. Her daughter stopped by this morning, DID know what it was, and turned it back on.

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Taught me a lesson though. Not relying entirely iCloud's Find My device feature - which doesn't do anything until I notice it's lost and try to ping it.


My lock screen wallpaper has my email address and home phone number on it now (just like the owner info text on my Garmin)

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