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Garmin Oregon 650T Questions


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I see Garmin Oregon 650T on sale at $399.99, I currently use and Oregon 450T which is working OK for me. I like the 650's brighter screen, huge cache capacity, camera, and other features. How ever read reviews of constant crashing, inaccuracy, and other problems. Those who have went from Oregon 450 to 600 series are you satisfied? Should I wait for more of the problems to be ironed out? Or would you pass on any of the Oregon 600's?

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I went from a 450 to a 650 and am happy with the upgrade. I like being able to charge without removing the batteries, which works great in the car. I haven't had any crashes.


My only complaint is that the touch screen gets "touched" and changes screens when I put it in my pocket. I just turned down the sensitivity to see how that works. I've also started locking the screen too.

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My only complaint is that the touch screen gets "touched" and changes screens when I put it in my pocket. I just turned down the sensitivity to see how that works. I've also started locking the screen too.


How do you lock the screen? I don't remember seeing that, and wanting it for the same reason as you.


You can lock the screen by pressing the power button and selecting the lock. But that is a two step process.


Create a shortcut that will toggle the screen lock. You can put that on your home screen and use it to lock the screen. You can't use it to unlock the screen, though, since the screen is locked. Configure the user key to run the shortcut. Then you can lock the screen either with the shortcut on your home screen or with the user key. Also, you can then lock or unlock the screen with the user key.

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It is possible.


Create a shortcut that toggles the screen lock function.

Assign the shortcut to the User Key.


When I press the User Key once the screen immediately locks. When I press it again the screen unlocks.


This is very handy for me when I am going to put my O650 in my pocket.

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Just curious how would you make a shortcut locking the screen?

I've asked exactly this question several times here over the past couple of years, and no one has answered it. I can create a shortcut that takes me to the Status screen, where I can lock the display, but that's not the same. What's the secret?




AFAIK it's NOT possible, so no hidden secrets. :ph34r: :ph34r:



It's possible. :rolleyes: Here's how:


1 - Click Setup, Shortcuts, + Create Shortcut

2 - Give the shortcut a name like "Toggle Lock" and pick an icon.

3 - Click Setup, Screen Lock, Toggle Setting. Back your way out to the home screen.

4 - Click Setup, Main Menu and add the "Toggle Lock" shortcut to your home screen by clicking on a +, Shortcut, "Toggle Lock". Back your way out to the home screen.


You can now click on the icon for your newly created shortcut to lock the screen, but you can't use it to unlock the screen because the screen touch is disabled. Unlock the screen by pressing on the power button and then the lock at the bottom.


Configure the User key:

1 - Click Setup, System, Configure Keys, User Key (you could do this to the Power key as well)

2 - Click either Single Tap, Double Tap or Long depending on which action you want the "Toggle Lock" to be triggered by. I used a Single Tap for the User key.

3 - Click Menu Item, Shortcuts, "Toggle Lock" and back your way out to the home screen.


You can now lock the screen be either using the icon on your home screen or by pressing the User key. You can also lock/unlock the screen using the User key.

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I had an Oregon 450 that met an untimely end thanks to me puting it on my truck bumper and then preceding to back over it....Not pretty....

I ordered a new Garmin 650 a few weeks ago when they were on sale at GPS city...I downloaded some maps thanks to some help on this great forum...

To be honest in the few weeks that I have used the 650 nothing has impressed me that much that would justify spending the extra money on the upgrade...The ability to store more Caches and waypoints is nice but not a game changer since I keep my GPX files updated...It does read the mapping programs faster...

I only have had one issue with the unit locking up and that was when it had low batteries....I haven't had an issue in the last 3-4 trips...I keep up with the upgrades in the software...


Do what you want but I wouldn't be in any hurry to get rid of the 450....I am not so sure the upgrade justifies the 400 bucks....IF your a techy and like to stay on the cutting edge..Then cool...but if you are using it for the basic geocaching tasks I wouldn't sweat it...

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