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Any successful Geocaching Clubs?


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I wouldn't call it a 'club' - because people will think there's a 'membership fee' involved. I'd call it a GROUP.....


I would highly suggest starting a Facebook page for your group. Make it a private group. Give yourselves a name.... and spread the word.


My local group has been around for several years. The first Tuesday of every month - there's an event (posted geocaching event). The event is at a local restaurant in the county. Every month, the location changes. Each month, members take turns hosting the events. Last month, I think we had close to 75 people in attendance (the largest ever).

We eat...chat...give away prizes.....swap stories, hints, tips, etc. Our primary communications all happen on our facebook page.


When you start gathering folks on you facebook page - your group can decide what you want to do. It all depends on the motivation, initiative, and creativity of the members.


The first thing you need to do...is gather members & interest.

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I'm considering establishing a Geocaching club on my campus and I was looking for any pre-existing clubs to turn to for advice. I was curious what type of activitys worked for them and what didn't, as well as similar questions!


Are you looking for free or premium members? This generally depends on what your intentions are.

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I founded and was the president of the Geocaching Club at my high school about 10 years ago or so. In college, I was the president of the Geology Club where I introduced others to geocaching, although the reviews were mixed. 

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