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Obscure Acronyms.

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MTT - multy trunked tree

TTT - triple trunked tree

BOT - base of tree

BOP - base of post

LHS - left hand side / Right - RHS

EOW - end of wall

DISCO - discovered as in TB's or Disguised Container used in Scotland a lot.

CO - cache owner

TBO - TB owner

GZ - ground zero


That should keep you going and when Mrs Bloranges surfaces she has a link to a wiki somewhere with loads more. Enjoy and good luck and there is also this list - http://www.geocaching.com/about/glossary.aspx

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One that hasn't been mentioned yet is DPM. This is used on booring caches with no redeeming features. It stands for the french:-

"Les longs sanglots Des Palourdes Mortes blessent mon coeur avec un languor monotone pendant qu'ils dansent à minuit"

Which translates as:-


The long sobs of the dead clams wound my heart with a monotonous languor as they dance at midnight.


Edited to add:


You could also look at these links for more acronyms etc.



Lexicon of Geocaching

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It's not just acronyms you need to look out for. Acrostics (or mnemonics) are a ways that a disgruntled finder can express their dissatisfaction without arousing the ire of a CO.







or 'Cache retrieved as planned' is gaining some recognition in my neck of the woods. Haven't been brave enough to use it myself yet, and I'm pleased to say I haven't had it on any of my own caches either.

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One that hasn't been mentioned yet is DPM. This is used on booring caches with no redeeming features. It stands for the french


Interesting - I'd not heard that before.


I'd have taken DPM to stand for Disruptive Pattern Material, the official name of the camoflage pattern used by the UK military (prior to the more recent MTP pattern). If I saw DPM associated with a cache, I'd assume the container was hidden in a bag or similarly disguised using camoflage cloth (like quite a few of my own caches)

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Another is - TNLNSL

Took Nothing Left Nothing Signed Log EDIT: already covered by pan. Missed that soz.


Saw one and not sure what it meant but they signed a lot of caches like it: FBF not to be confused with the ever debated thunderbirds FAB.


Can't find FBF on any index. I mean I could imagine an impolite version with boring and find as the last two.

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FTF/STF - first/second to find

NM - needs maintenance

TFTE - Ta for the event


And some that I use on my notes ... just in case anyone's ever wondered what I'm actually scribbling on the Magic Clipboard of Invisibility:


DNFPM - DNF, probably missing

NMPB - NM, pot bust

NMLW - NM, log wet

OPOS - obvious pile of sticks/stones/stuff

NIH - needle in haystack

CBA - couldn't be a*sed

PFC - pointless film can

FTP - far too public

NOSIG - no gps signal, usually due to tree cover

HTFS - signed with initials only to save space on logsheet


These *don't* (usually) make it into the online logs. Largely because I don't want hordes of angry CO's to shove my GPS somewhere fundamental at the next Brummie meet.

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