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GPX File, garmin extensions


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(not specifically a geocaching question, I know, but...)


I typically record my hikes and bike rides on my GPS and then import the track to my iPad. I've noted some of the data saved in the GPX files using Garmin extensions (moving time, stopped time, average speed, maximum speed, etc) is not properly interpreted by Motion-X, Gaia, etc. On a PC or Mac, Google Earth does a fair job, and I could probably export the files to GPS Visualizer - but I'd really prefer to use these on my primary device, the iPad.


Anybody found good GPX track analysis software on iOS?

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Red90: Tracks saved as GPX files directly in the eTrex 20, never touched by Basecamp, have a block of data summaries at the top defined in Garmin extensions. All Garmin's extensions are described here: GpxExtensionsv3.xsd, though not every recorded GPX is going to contain every element. Also, some data like timestamps and elevations, are stored with each track point rather than summarized in the header.


GPS Visualizer seems to understand many of these and can display a lot of user selected/customizable details. iOS software like Gaia and Motion-X fall short in this respect. Guess what I'm really looking for is an onboard/offline app equivalent of GPS Visualizer.


39_steps: Your point about calculations based on track points (rather than using summaries provided in the extensions) is well taken. Problem is I haven't found any iOS software that will reliably use the track point info either.


I took a ride on Monday and the eTrex's trip odometer screen showed a maximum speed of 36.8 MPH at one point and a total distance of 111 miles*. When imported the saved track imported to various programs, they either ignored or showed different values from what was reported on the eTrex's trip screen.


* Outer Southeast Portland to Rainier Oregon and back.

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