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General MISSION Question


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Hey Missionaries .....


The Summer Road Trip Mission is over. The Search List Mission is due to go into Round 7 within days. The Mathtrades are complete. There will be no active Mission in progress.


Back to school is over (almost) ... Vacations are (mostly) ended ... is it time to get in 2 more Missions before the end of the year?


Putting it to a vote ...


1. Yes, 2 more missions. Halloween and Noel Holidays


2. Wait to start one final Mission this year ... the Noel type holidays Mission


3. You're 'IN' no matter how many or when


4. YOUR suggestion >> (fill in the blank line) _________________________________________


5. Have a 'secret' suggestion? Send me a PM through my profile.


Do we have any volunteers to host the next Mission ?


I will if no one else has the time or desire. Maybe Laval-K9 will be back by the Noel holidays. She hosted an awesome Noel Mission last year !!


Note: you have to post a reply here. There is no [like] button ... :lol:



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I think it is hard to do missions 30 days apart. Especially when the holiday time of year begins.


Halloween and Thanksgiving are barely 4 weeks apart. Then Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks from the Noel holidays. Not everyone around the world celebrates a 'Thanksgiving' as we do here in the US. December gets very busy for most folks, even coiners !! ... :lol:


I'd be up for a Halloween mission, and happy to have you host Halloween.


-and- follow it up with a Christmas/Noel mission. Hosted by ....... ?? >>_____________________________



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i'm ready to get back in coach! took a break this summer to regroup after pulling doc neal on back to back missions. but i'm confident i've recovered enough to get back into the ring for another round if need be!


Maybe before this one gets in full swing you should consider ...


Search List Mission ... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=319013


Still time to enter (til midnite (PDT)) Monday .... :rolleyes:

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Thanksgiving is before Halloween here in Canada! :)

Thanksgiving or Entedank, as we call it, is the first weekend of October. :laughing:


A Noel mission is mandatory, but still quite some time off, how about an autumn themed mission? Maybe in September/October?


Count me in, whatever mission you might be planning. I love missions.

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