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transferring previous finds on to a new gps

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Is there any way of transferring previous finds from my geocaching account on to a new GPS so that when I am out caching I know which caches I have already found.

Filling up your GPS with finds limit the number of unfound caches you can load. Simply don't load the found caches and only load unfound caches. That way your finds don't show up and you don't have to worry about finding already found caches.

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You're a PM.

Run a Pocket Query. Select caches I HAVE NOT found.

Run, download to GPS. Only caches on the unit are caches you have not found.


If you just want to see the caches you've found do the above but select caches I HAVE FOUND.

When hiding caches I load caches I've found, caches I've not found , and caches I own....I name this PQ ALL.....that way you know where they all are so you won't hide one too close to an existing one.

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I always load all my previous finds on my GPSr. If I'm out caching with a friend that hasn't found a cache then I have it on mine. I also use my finds for placing new caches that way I know I'm not to close to an existing cache. All using Garmin POIs you can load unlimited caches on your unit.

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