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In car navigation available in the UK?

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Our TomTom XL died while in Portugal earlier this year so I am looking to replace it.

However, it looks as though none of the current TomTom models will take 3rd party points of interest. (Why are improvements always a step backwards? :mad: )


So, what can I use instead?

Ideally I want it to have mapping for the whole of Europe - like our old one did and must be able to take POIs generated from the GSAK Macro.





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I have an XL and it's great but no longer supported as far as maps are concerned. So I treated myself to a Go500 about 6 months ago (it was on offer). Wasn't impressed at all! You couldn't enter locations with coordinates or add POI files. But I liked it because it did live traffic (free) and has lifetime map updates. The coordinate issue was sorted by TT with a software upgrade but it took a lot of discussion from disgruntled people in the TT forums to achieve that. As for POI capability... I don't think that will happen.


The whole Go series seem pretty useless from a geocaching point of view.



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Yeah I saw on the TomTom forums that the GO series were useless. I had looked into the Via series as they seemed to be the closest match to our existing XL but the Via is also discontinued and I couldn't find anywhere which stocked the model I wanted.


In the UK we've been making do the built-in TomTom in my Mazda6 but it really is a pain to use. I can enter co-ords manually but I have to type the whole lot right from 'N' every single time. It's not possible just to tweak the last few digits nor add POIs :(



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After some deliberation, I've settled for a Garmin Nuvi 2598LMT-D


One of the reasons I've opted for Garmin is that if the unit dies in the same way as the TomTom did (I'm no expert but I suspect it might have got fried by a voltage surge in the Portuguese hire car), I presume/hope Garmin will exchange it for a £30 fee as they do with handheld GPS units.


TomTom want £70 to just look at it :(


Thanks for the suggestions



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I'm sure you'll be very happy with it once you've got used to the interface. Looks a sound choice. Register it on the Garmin website to make things a bit easier. Don't forget to buy a micro SD card for the POI files so you'll have no worries about the number you download.


After a quick check, it looks like the macro you need is the one here:



...I'm still running an ancient version but it still works with the latest Nuvi.


Basically it creates files in a folder you specify, and then you load to the Nuvi using the free POI Loader software.

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