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Benchmark in Germany


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Hi there.

I was wondering if there are any benchamrks in Germany listed on geocaching.com and how I can find them.


I was using: http://www.geocaching.com/mark/nearest.aspx and typed in coordinates, but it didn't show any.

How big is the radius of showed benchmarks?

I know someone who told me that he found a benchmark in Prague.


thanks for your help


Hi Andre!

I believe the database used on Geocaching.com contains only NGS Benchmarks, that is, National Geodetic Survey, based in the USA. I had this same problem when I was out of country and saw a benchmark in plain sight but could not find it on the site.


From the Benchmark info page:

"I found a benchmark, but it isn't in the database. Why?

To answer this question, you need to understand a bit about what "the database" is. The database used by Geocaching.com is a copy (from around 2000) of the database that NGS maintains. Although the NGS database has lots of marks in it, it does not have them all. In order for a mark to get into NGS's database, it has to go through a process known as "bluebooking" which ensures the disk meets the minimum requirements to be of geodetic quality (aka the highest quality possible). The NGS is not the only organization that creates and uses benchmarks and other types of control markers. In order for any mark to get "in the database" they must be "bluebooked", which can take a lot of time and effort and is often not done to save money. Remember, even though some marks might not be in the database, they are still highly important, both to businesses and to individual citizens such as your neighbors, so please treat them with respect, while enjoying the thrill of the hunt. We'll try to find other databases and add them to the site as well. If you have access to one of these databases and would like to submit it to Groundspeak, contact us.

Since the Groundspeak benchmark database was obtained from the NGS in the year 2000, newer benchmarks and recent reports on older marks will not be visible here in Groundspeak's copy. Besides new disks, there are many cases of benchmarks monumented significantly before 2000 but entered the NGS database only after the year 2000."


Is it possible your friend discovered it by accident?


The best,


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