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Xtreme GPS Team CD'S


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Back in 2004 a group called Xtreme GPS team put out a bunch of cd's with music and cacher greetings on them. If anybody remembers these, I have a whole bunch of them (may be a full set I can't remember). If anybody is interested and would like them please drop me a note. kingsmen26 @ telus.net

I live in the heart of the TEAM's old stomping grounds (Victoria), but I started caching several years after the TEAM was really active on this website. I've only ever stumbled across one of the TEAM KFWB GPS/X-TREME GPS TEAM CDs. I seem to recall it was a pretty eclectic combination of songs. I think they were originally created as a combination between a signature item and a traveler to be moved between caches.


I'm not personally interested in taking them off your hands, but it's neat to know that some TEAM CDs are still kicking around.

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