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Nativity scenes, cribs, manger scenes

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Hi friends,


today I visited a church. Inside was a crib, changed all two weeks the whole year. These types are very rare.


Klosterkrippe Laufen


My home town builds every year a very beautiful (very old) nativity scene. I know it's not there the whole year, but it's so beautiful. You can google what you want, often you won't find good pictures about the cribs. It would be very interesting to see nativity scenes around the world.

I would love to visit churches (even the ones I waymarked already) to search for manger scenes. Yes, they are inside the church and yes we have a category for churches, but the focus on these manger scenes would be great.


Here are examples:


Example 1


Example 2


Example 3


Example 4


Example 5


Weert, Niederlande


What do you think?


P.S.: I know we have a category "Holiday Displays" but i.m.h.o. the nativity scenes don't fit well there. "Description: Have you ever driven by a house that was all decked out for the holidays? Post it here! Any holiday light display (Christmas, Halloween, etc) can be listed in this category."

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Great idea, these nativity scenes are very popular in our country and also in Slovakia, Austria and also in another countries od Middle Europe cultural space...

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I do like them, but I am not sure if this can be made a category. Most of them are only avaiable for a short time around Christmas and the last category with limited availability that went to peer review received a massive denial for exactly this reason.


In the season they are maybe over-prevalent in some regions. Around here they can be found in or around many churches, but also businesses and private homes, and not all of them are really great. Limit it to historic ones with a minimum tradition? Maybe too complicated. Only permanent ones? Are there enough of them? I am not aware of any in my area.

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We have a number of categories that are seasonal. Holiday displays are one, Festivals is another, and so are most Farmers Markets -- to name just a few. As long as the location itself is permanent, then seasonality should not be a major issue.


These nativity scenes are often of artistic and historic importance and I think are worthy of being waymarked, especially if they have a good description.


In the U.S. there are still some communities that have outdoor nativity displays at Christmas. One's inside churches tend to be more ad hoc creations. Roman Catholic or Orthodox churches may have more of a tradition for these.


I would support this category.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Sadly I have no time to work the idea out at the moment, so I have to postpone this category idea.

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