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Roman road


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I had a trackable placed in Roman road - Sutton Park 2 years ago. This Cache appears to be longer longer available. Does anyone know who owned this cache and what happened to the items contained in it.


The cache is disabled at the moment.


You could contact the cache owner. But it looks like the trackable hasn't been in that cache for a while, according to the logs.


You can mark it "missing", or the cache owner can.


GC10QCY Roman road (sutton park)



Your trackable:





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You can see on the cache page who owns the cache, but how can the owner know what happened to the items that were in it? The cache is temporarily disabled by the owner and he states in his log "Disabled until I can check it out.".


But all this has nothing to do with your trackable, because your trackable was dropped in that cache on December 24 in 2012, almost 2 years ago, so I'm pretty sure the current disappearance of the cache has nothing to do with the location of your trackable.


Someone logged that cache on June 22 2013 saying the trackable isn't in the cache: "Second visit to this cache. Last visit was Christmas eve and we dropped of a trackable (a little dog called ileach). Well, the dog's log says that trackable is still in Roman Road, but I checked today and there's no sign of it. ".


So one of the cachers who found the cache between December 24 2002 and Junee 22 2013 has retrieved your trackable without logging it. Probably one of the many beginner cachers who found this cache.

There are two things you can do. First option: mail all the cachers who found the cache in this period (start with the first 5 after the drop) and ask them whether they have (seen) your trackable and if so, if they please can drop it in another cache. I've done this many times with our missing trackables and 1 out of 100 times this works to get the TB back in the game.

The only other option is: accept your TB might be lost forever.

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One way or another, the trackable hasn't been in that cache for quite a while. I personally wouldn't annoy previous finders from a year or two ago. I know I wouldn't be able to remember if I saw a trackable in a cache I found 2 years ago.


Mark it as "missing" and get it off that cache's inventory.


Help Center → Trackables → Fancier Features → Mark Missing



2.5. Mark Missing - Trackable on page but not there physically.


Sometimes, a Trackable has been physically removed from a geocache, but the finder does not log it online. The Travel Bug or Geocoin icon on remains the geocache page, and geocachers can be frustrated when they arrive at the geocache to find it missing.


Don't despair if a Trackable goes missing. In many cases it has been moved to another geocache but the last person didn't know how to log it. The next geocacher who finds it will log the find.


If you are the owner of the Trackable, or the owner of the geocache where the Trackable is listed, you can mark the item as missing. This will remove it from the geocache inventory, and place the Trackable in an "unknown location." This will not effect the mileage of the Trackable. Later, if the Trackable is found, it can be grabbed and placed into the correct location. Mileage will be calculated from its previous location.


To do this, go to the Trackable's page, and choose from among the "Trackable Item Options." If you are the Trackable owner, it will say "Recalculate distance." Click on this menu and select "Mark bug missing". If you are the geocache owner, the menu will already be on the "Mark bug missing" option. Click "Go" and when the page refreshes, at the top it will ask "Are you sure you want to mark this Travel Bug missing?" Click "Yes" to complete the action.


When you mark a Trackable missing, a log to the Trackable's page will be auto-generated under your name, explaining the Mark Missing log.


If you are not the Trackable owner or geocache owner and notice that a Trackable is not in a geocache, you can use the Trackable's reference number to log a note to the Trackable listing telling the owner that the Trackable is not there. Or you can email the geocache owner or the Trackable owner and point them to this Knowledge Book page. As a courtesy, it is nice to email the Trackable owner first.




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I am moving this thread from the Geocaching Topics forum to the Travel Bug forum.


You can click on the cache link found on your trackable page to see all the details about the cache where your trackable was dropped off into the cache inventory.


Sorry about the loss of your Travel Bug. Maybe it will turn up someday, or you could release a copy tag.

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