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How long does it take a cache to be approved?


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It will take as long as it need to be approved. The goal for is it to be reviewed-not approved, reviewed-within 7 days. My record was having it reviewed in less than 5 minutes. But these are volunteer reviewers, with other lives. They have families, paying jobs. Take vacations, go caching themselves. So have a little bit of patience.


The reviewer will look at the cache page, and make note of any issues, and leave you a note to fix it. It may be as simple as changing it from a traditional to a multi, or it may be having to move it because it is too close to another cache. If there are any issues, it won't be approved and published until they are taken care of. Ultimately it's up to the cacher. If the CO-cache owner- reads, and understands all the guidelines, then it will be much easier, as you will be able to do it right the first time. Of course there are still unforeseen issues, but they are things that could happen even with very, experienced cachers.

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