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Garmin Oregon 6xx mounting options


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I just bought a Garmin Oregon 600T to replace my Garmin Colorado 300. For the Colorado I have a RAM mount for my bike, which attaches to the spine like the carabiner clip. This will work well for the Oregon also, since on the bike, I would have not need to attach a USB cable.


For my car mount, I have the RAM cradle holder (RAM-HOL-GA27U) for the Colorado. This will not work for the Oregon. The Oregon version of the cradle mount is RAM-HOL-GA31U. This is similar to the Colorado cradle. This seems like a logical choice, but watching the video on GPSCity.com, it looks like it takes a fair amount of force to insert or remove the GPSr. Other options appear to be the RAM Finger Grip mount (RAM-HOL-UN4) Garmin also has a spine type mount for the car, but the spine mount looks like it would interfere with the ability to use the USB for power.


Any recommendations?


Thank you,

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